It is a land where time seems to stand still, where the immensity of the desert meets the warmth of nomadic hospitality.

Mauritania offers breathtaking landscapes, from the endless golden sand dunes of the Sahara, to rocky plateaus and verdant oases. It is also a country where nomadic traditions continue where the Moors and the Tuaregs still roam the vast desert expanses with their herds of camels and goats.

The nomadic life and the freedom it embodies has fascinated me for a long time. It is an experience that can profoundly transform the way we perceive the world.

My love for Mauritania was enriched thanks to a meeting: that with my friend Mohamed Boydya. This passionate and exciting man embodies the very soul of Mauritania: proud, generous and rooted in the richness of its ancient culture.

His passion for his country is contagious, vibrating through his spellbinding tales of nomadic traditions, secret oases and twinkling stars.

In this land of sand and silence, I discovered much more. I found a traveling companion.

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