Traveler and lover of beauty, I created MAISON OMANI in 2017 after spending 15 years in the media.

Morocco is where the adventure began, in the bustle of the souks, under the shadows of the medina where the intoxicating scent of spices carries you away. Over time, I went beyond the borders of Morocco. Today, I travel the entire African continent, traveling less traveled paths, in search of hidden treasures.

maison omani, I wanted it to be a bridge between talented creators from Africa and art lovers from around the world. I work closely with the craftsmen. Each Omani home object carries with it the history, tradition, and dedication of the artisans. At the heart of this story is a commitment to preserving and promoting African craft heritage, supporting local communities, and creating a link between past and present.

Come share my passion for Africa and its crafts and let me open the doors to a world where Art from within is a window onto the soul of a captivating and diverse continent.

Welcome to our world, welcome to your new invitation to travel...