There are trips that mark you for a lifetime. Ethiopia is one of them.

Ethiopia, often called the cradle of humanity, is much more than an African country, it is a true treasure of human history. Its cultural richness, archaeological heritage and contribution to our understanding of human evolution make it a truly iconic place, which continues to inspire and fascinate.

At the end of 2021, it was unfortunately impossible to travel to the north of the country due to the tense situation with its neighbor, Eritrea. We decided to venture south of the country, to the borders with South Sudan and Kenya. Our goal was to meet the different tribes that inhabit this fascinating region, passing through the Omo Valley.

Throughout our journey, we met tribes such as the Mursi, the Hamer, the Bana…. each with its own unique language, traditions and way of life. Each encounter was a lesson, reminding us of the richness of human diversity.

We shared meals, exchanged smiles, creating bonds that transcend linguistic and cultural barriers.

The landscapes that passed before our eyes were just as captivating as the human encounters. From arid plains to serpentine rivers, rugged mountains to dense forests, Ethiopia's southern region is full of strikingly beautiful natural treasures.

Every day spent in Ethiopia is an adventure, an exploration of breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable encounters. a timeless heritage that will continue to inspire us for a long time.

© Photos not free of rights | Cécile Omani